Swim Like a Dolphin

Swim Like a Dolphin by Mike Maric (New Double Excess Collection)

My new the soundtrack for Double Excess

Mr. Brooks

Don't kid yourself. You're going to kill again.

Finding someone you think would be fun to kill is a bit like, well it’s a bit like falling in love. You meet a lot of candidates, and you like some of them, and they’re nice. But they’re not right. And that special one comes along, and your heart beats faster, and you know that’s the one.

New Melody - Improvisation at the Piano

Improvisation at the Piano

Had been years since played the piano, but tonight, my fingers went on their own…

Happy New Year!

Live Session in Florence feat. Andreea Simon

This is the first track of the year. Happy New Year!!!

Anti-Drug Commercial

“FATTO IN ITALIA” - Art Will Save The World (anti-drug commercials) by Double Excess

My song”Evocation” is the soundtrack of the new spot Double Excess

My music for TV Advertising

T-Shirt Double Excess


Make Yourself Free in Rosignano


T-Art by Double Excess



Stars Sunglasses Collection by Double Excess


R.I.P B.B. King

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. B.B. King




Blues Corrispondences

An album cultured intentionally niche, a job that has preferred content, compared to the sound quality, recorded with a “raw sound” able to capture the spontaneity and enthusiasm of a concert 70s live.




01. The Sky Is Crying

02. Unwhere Blues

03. Crawling King Snake

04. Going Upstairs

05. Another Man Than Gone

06. The Hunted House Blues

07. I’m Gonna Kill That Woman

08. Got My Mojo Working

09. I’m Bad Like Jesse James

10. Poker Woman


Performer: Max Bindi (Voice) – Eddie Lover (Guitar) – Ricky Royale (Bass) –  Andrea Guazzini (Drums)

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