A Sweet Song For You

It isnt easy to meet you again, after two months
To see you with him, its hurting to me
But now its passed, even if it couldnt be the same

Ive disappeared with a bad phrase, or may be
Ive never been there, I dont know what Ive missed
Ive given all myself and it hasnt enough

Ive such a lot questions for you and I think
You too, but why explain oneself now ?
May be to fell bad again

How many unsolved matters, how many questions
Without answers, just the time can shade
Our minds to be able to go on

A sweet song for you, to remember beautiful
Memories, to remember beautiful illusion
To remember my dream

A sweet song for you, to let us go away
To make the indifference reign or be friends again
However youll be always special to me

The time pass and the life go on
Now I want only remember you
With this sweet song

I dont know what will befall to us, may be
Sooner well speak or may be well never meet
Again, but now I have to say you that